What We Mean by Wisdom from Nature

...guided by ecology

We honor Nature’s wisdom and workings, as well as our connection to them, as we capture the beauty, aromatic scents, and therapeutic power of flowers and plants. Our understanding of ecology, and our holistic approach to garden development and management, guides the selection of natural botanical ingredients that work well together to enhance our products. For example, our mists are created by combining oils from plants that are compatible in a natural setting.

...grounded in nature

We are dedicated to creating and offering an exquisite line of beautiful products. We believe in the power of nature to heal, balance, and rejuvenate skin, body, and senses. All of the ingredients we purchase are certified organic, wild-crafted, and unrefined. We devote care and attention to choosing only premium quality and the most highly regarded essential oils, carrier oils, and butters from around the world - some rare, precious, and unique. Our beeswax is from a fourth generation Maine beekeeper who consistently delivers the finest quality beeswax we have seen. Its color and aroma are divine! We personally sample, test, and select our ingredients. And we source from vendors with standards and operating practices consistent with our own.

...local and sustainable

We believe in the benefits of small-scale production and in maintaining sustainable organic agriculture and stewardship to the land through our practices and purchases. While currently not certified, we follow organic practices for all plants grown on our farm, including our signature Calendula officinalis and native Maine plants such as Wild Bergamot (wild Bee Balm), Red Clover, Solomon's Seal, and Yarrow. We also wild-harvest a variety of other local medicinal flowers and plants, most notably Sweet Fern and Self Heal (aka Heal-all). In traditional fashion, the Calendula blossoms and the native Maine botanicals are slowly cured by solar infusions in organic virgin olive oil. This gradual process ensures slow release and transfer of their healing benefits and aromatic essences.