OM Perfume


a solid natural perfume that evolves to create a uniquely personal and intimate experience 

Deep    Mysterious    Evocative 

a rare scentsation of Fossilized Amber, Boronia, and Oakmoss

OM encompasses ALL

OM is an alchemical composition of ancient earth and evergreen forest that combines the wild and the sensuous. It entices and enchants, then like gravity pulls you in.

This sensuous symphony of scents welcomes the timeless essence of Nature. Powerful and harmonizing, smokey resinous Fossilized Amber and earthy Oakmoss are sensual, evocative, and grounding. Rich warm florals of complex priceless Boronia and precious Tuscany Rose share delicate sweet notes tempered by lingering evergreens. 

Experience the journey through refreshing evergreen boughs, into fragrant and complex floral bouquets, down to mildly pungent forest floor, and into deep dark rich earth.

Aromatic Alchemy of OM

OM evolves through a dynamic unfolding sparked by radiant and reassuring fresh green notes of Hemlock boughs and fir tips of Balsam and the mildly intoxicating essence of summer’s forest understory that co-mingle with heart-opening and complex florals of rare precious Boronia, with its fruity-sweet and tea-like notes and soft cinnamon-tobacco nuances, and the elegant endearing Tuscany Rose, generously fragrant with subtle spice and delicate citrusy zest. Finally, the perfume intensifies and transforms as tenacious mysterious base notes of Fossilized Amber’s smokey resin harmonize with sensual evocative earthy Oakmoss and balsamic overtones, subtleties of peppery spice and pine, rich notes of moss, wood, and damp earth, and whispers of musk. In a base of Jojoba and deeply aromatic raw beeswax.

Product Use, Application, & Additional Info

An all embracing composition

Includes a proprietary selection of hand crafted, wild harvested, and organic aromatic botanicals in a black violet glass jar with a child resistant lid.

To wear, soften with fingertips and apply to moistened skin. 

Net weight: 0.15 oz / 4.25 g

Price $50.00 

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OM celebrates my beloved other-than-human companions with whom I find Home in wild lands and gardens. It was inspired by their earth knowledge which is older, deeper, and more wild than mine. I muse at their keener more refined senses as their noses guide them. I marvel at them, as I do the flowers and plants, for their noble and joyous natures, their grace and resilience, and the mystery and mystique about them. So too, the aromatic evolution of OM stirs me and stills me.

OM is of special tribute to my wolf malamute Lakoda Raven. Lovingly selected botanical scents, which he knew intimately, honor our lives and adventures together. These aromatic treasures of wild sweet earth awaken memories of him, transport me to our shared experiences and unbreakable bond of love, and ignite his presence in me.

I walk through the forest in the presence of wild amber eyes. Every step resonates OM, the sacred primordial sound vibration of the universe. My beloved Lakoda Raven is with me. I feel the forest embrace us - the wolf and me, the trees, and the more-than-human world within - invoking the magical and mystical in its truth and beauty.


Lakoda Raven took me deeper into his realm and the ways of the earth than any other four-legged companion. His exuberance was contagious. A distant traveler and far walker, he was unwavering in his delight of wilderness and his untiring desire to lead me further and further into the forest. He knew that earth has a wisdom. He gathered ground and heard the stirrings underfoot. He showed me the sacred ways through the old animal trails; we bush whacked in dense understory; and we ran the woods roads. Purposefully vigilant, he was captivated during what I fondly called our ‘collecting expeditions.’

He was always a lead dog encouraging me on into the familiar and the unknown. What his nose knew of the natural world mine could only imagine. He was gifted with extensions of the senses far beyond mine, and he listened to the voices I cannot hear. He sifted the winds and drank deeply from cool mountain waters. Together we walked miles and miles, drawn on by the trees, the flight of birds and footsteps of animals, the playfulness of sunlight and shadow, the music of sound and silence, and most of all love. 

He was energized by the cold and transformed by snow. There was nothing quite so magical as being with him in the winter woods. He pulled me on a kick sled. He was my partner while I skied cross country trails, and I sang my song to him when he paced alongside me. He accessed heights to survey the ground below. He sensed mulberries ripening and nibbled those on branches near the ground. He plucked blueberries from low bushes while I picked them. He nosed patted Sweet Fern and ambled through the Solomon’s Seal. The Hemlock called his name. 

Lakoda Raven could read the mind and intuit the heart like none other. Light sparkled in his eyes and radiated from all his being like I had never witnessed before, and that light never dimmed. He had a fascination for the moon. His world was filled with wonder every step of the way, and his indomitable spirit was a beacon. He knew life was good. He lived from the sanctuary of his heart. He was a happy being full of joy and gratitude, and he heralded peace and goodwill. His was a sweet endearing soul, kind and gentle. I used to say to him, “I love you the world.” I still do.

Make Scents of Life

OM as aromatic poetry extends beyond the olfactory to engage all the senses. Breathe in…  Listen deeply. Delight in its melody and note its harmony. Feel it beckon contemplation and community, reverence and revelation. Exhale…Journey on in the spirit that all is inextricably connected.